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contest alert!

You might be a copywriter if you can come up with a better fortune than you find in a cookie.

Think that you have what it takes to be a copywriter? Now is your chance. Write your best fortune in the comments on our Instagram page. Tag two friends who you think might be able to match your wit. Then vote for your favorite by liking the best fortune.

The fortune with the most likes wins bragging rights and Miami Ad School swag. Contest runs through 8:00 p.m. EDT on 4/11. Winner announced 4/12.

Here are some of the fortunes written by our students and IG friends.

Vote for your favorite line written by our IG friends. Here are a few of the leaders:

vic.giguere Instead of using this piece of paper to function as something inedible in your cookie, this paper could have been spared. That same paper would have stayed in its tree and maybe, just maybe, would have been the tree that Isaac Newton would have sat under. By not opening this cookie you could’ve invented gravity. Kind of.

misty_steel If you continue being so down to earth, you might never attain heights.

b_leigh_ve Life is unfair. I’m stuffed into this cookie, while my brother is somewhere stuffed into a stripper’s G-string.

becksmodyI’ll tell you what you want to hear… Get another cookie.

nyaveragejoeYour last cookie lied, sorry dude.

nyaveragejoe You’ll find love eventually. I mean, you waited 2 years for Game of Thrones.

shreyathegoddess If you actually think a cookie can tell your future, then I have some bad news for you.

beardo_ajit You create your own fortune. Eat the damn cookie!

karatorr You’ll meet the love of your life but you’ll have a really shitty wedding hashtag.

ragbrahmbhatt If you want to feel healthier, go hangout at a hospital.

dreamingonparchments You’ll find yourself writing copy for a fortune cookie under a Miami Ad School post


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