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The Design Portfolio Program

Creative career accelerator for innovators :

2 Years PG Diploma Program in Digital Design & Visual Communication
15 Months PG Diploma Program in Digital Design & Visual Communication

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What does a designer do?

A mix of craft, science, design, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy.

Everything you touch, read or experience has been designed by someone. Branding Publication, packaging, products – restroom signs to currency design. Graphic
Designers are determined that all those things be well designed. Purpose, vision and strategy; Form and function. Graphic Designers seek a more beautiful, more usable, more thoughtful world.

In the first year they teach you the skills they use every day at the agencies where they work. Class projects are realistic. You may even work on a live project for a brand and present your ideas to the client.

For the second year of the 2 Years PG Diploma Program, we offer NoM.AD Experience (4 quarters) along with courses to specialize in. You can specialize in subjects like Social Impact, Gaming Ideas, Branded Entertainment, Creative Digital Marketing etc.

Similarly for the second year of the 15 Months PG Diploma Program, we offer internship (1 quarter) with the top-notch creative agencies in India. National internships will be offered only by Mumbai and Bangalore Campus.

Carter TindallGraphic Design at Principle​
“I had the opportunity, even as a junior designer, to do work for the biggest clients.”

The Design Curriculum at M.AD

What (and how) you’ll be learning.

Digital Design & Visual Communication is a highly skilled, highly demanding profession. That’s why our portfolio program is built specifically to help you develop the tools required to excel in that high-stakes world. It’s all about learning through experience. Our curriculum prepares you to work as a designer in agencies, publications, start-ups, and the creative departments of the world’s top brands —all through a carefully built program of mentorship and deliberate practice. You’ll build a personal network to rival the most connected professional, and at the end of it all, you’ll get the same job placement assistance we’ve offered to our graduates for the past 20 years. It’s no wonder our graduates find work at world-leading companies of all kinds.

Here are just a few of the courses you’ll take:

  • Strategic Innovation and Product Design
  • Design History, Modernism, Criticism & Theory
  • Information Design & Data Visualization
  • Symbol, Metaphors & Logos
  • Experiential Design
  • Network Marketing, Identity and Branding
  • Mobile Design & Systems
  • Message & Content
  • Experiments in Digital Photography
  • Introduction to Craft
  • Semiotics
  • Publication & Editorial Design
Want to know what else you’ll be learning? Learn more about the courses you’ll take in the course brochure.

Hands On Experience Around The World

The NoM.AD Program

Under our 2 years PG Diploma program you are eligible for a NoM.AD Experience. Through our NoM.AD Experience in the second year, students get an opportunity to intern at different creative agencies across the world for 4 quarters. This program gives students the opportunity to work and learn in 4 different cities around the world.

Each quarter, we send students a massive list of active opportunities. It’s like a backdoor into the industry. We have partners in cities like:-

Teachers Who Really Know What They’re Doing

Truly stand-out designers aren’t just masters of the technical…they understand the wider creative process. They know the context of their work, and excel at collaborating with other talented artisans and creatives. So how do you learn those intangible traits that will put you over the top—in addition to the hard skills that will allow you to create digital gold? It helps to have a mentor who’s been there themselves.
  • Partha Sinha
    President, The Times of India Group
    Chief Strategy Officer, Apac, Mullenlowe Group
    CEO, Bbdo, India
    CCO, SEA & India, VMLY&R
Jenny LamSVP Brand User Experience at Oracle
“The biggest advantage is all the connections. The friendships. All the friends I made during my time at M.AD are still friends. They are my network. We lean on each other for support. Just the other day I was in contact with some of them. We reach out to each other for jobs."

Campuses in Florida and Georgia

Each school has a unique charm.

The M.AD School of Ideas represents the best of what America has to offer. The cities we’ve chosen all boast a special blend of people, places, and energy. Just pick your cocktail of choice.

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How To Apply

The application is as creative as the career.
Four Stages to Apply
Step 1

The application is as creative as the career.

Enter your information and register for your M.AD School of Ideas account.
Step 2

Follow the process laid out in the application portal

Show us who you are as a creative thinker. Share examples of things you’ve created.. Or do one of our fun creative exercises. Finally, schedule an introductory meeting with your Admissions Advisor.
Step 3

Review and Submit

Make sure all your information is correct, and that you’ve paid your application fee. We’ll get back to you soon!

Our Next Cohort is Starting Soon

Application Deadline: April 10

Important Program Information

Tuition of 2lakhs + GST is due quarterly. It takes eight quarters which is 2 years to complete the art direction program. Total tuition cost for the program is 16 lakhs + GST.
Financial Aid & Scholarships
We work tirelessly to make M.AD affordable to students of all backgrounds. For our students, our tie up with NBFC provider can help cover some or all of tuition cost. We also offer a variety of scholarships.
International Students
In the past decades, students have come to us from every corner of India. If you’re worried about getting here, never fear: our admission counsellor will guide you. Book for a free counselling session with us.

Shefali Dhote

Head Corporate Relations

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Our admissions team love to chat with people like you—answering questions, proposing solutions, and making plans for a creative future. An advisor can help you figure out what’s next in your creative adventure. Maybe that means Art Direction at M.AD.

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  • Average salaries
  • Information on co-ops and internships
  • Example projects for real brands
  • Detailed application process

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