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M.Ad School offers global internships for students looking for global exposure

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By Raj Kamble, Director, M.AD School of Ideas:  

M.Ad School of Ideas is India’s largest and most renowned tech institution which is offering a wide range of courses that empower students for a career in the advertising and creative industry.  M. Ad School is a unique educational institution that pairs realistic training with hands-on experiences at leading agencies, brands, and game-changing organizations around the world.

M.Ad School is known for its comprehensive and industry-oriented programs in advertising, design, marketing communications, and other creative fields like Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Photography & Video, UX Design, Strategic Planning, Social Strategy, etc. One of the standout features of the school is its 4-quarter global internship program, which allows students to gain practical experience in renowned advertising agencies and big brands around the world.

Through this program, students from India have the chance to work in prestigious agencies and global brands like Ogilvy, Google, Netflix, Disney, Facebook, WhatsApp, Coca-Cola, and Spotify to name a few. This program also offers great placement opportunities and a 100% visa to work globally. Students at Miami graduate with a professional-grade portfolio, full of real-world industry connections, global industry working experience, and the ability to flourish in the upcoming creative sector.

M.Ad School’s global internship program offers aspiring advertising professionals in India a unique opportunity to gain international exposure, expand their professional network, and enhance their skill set. By participating in these global internships, students and professionals can significantly advance their careers, leveraging the invaluable experiences and connections made during their time abroad. With the ever-increasing globalization of the advertising industry, embracing such opportunities can be a game-changer for individuals seeking to thrive in this dynamic field

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