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How to Be More Creative in Design ?

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You are the things that you create. Never lower your standards for people who refuse to raise theirs – Hayden Scott, Faculty at M.AD School of Ideas

Did you know that creativity is a problem-solving element?

There’s nothing you cannot solve easily when you think of doing so creatively!

Really? Don’t believe us? Read on, and we’ll tell you why!

So how will you get more creative in life?

Isn’t this the million-dollar question every artist struggles with?

To find the answer, one must look within!

It sounds old school and extremely clichéd but, hear us out…

  • To get more creativity in life, you must practice, practice, and PRACTICE till you gain command over your art
  • Find a place where your creativity is at its peak. It could be a park bench, sitting at a café in Kasol, you do you boo!
  • Take up space, be comfortable, and don’t force your creativity within the 9-5!

Top 10 ways to get more creative in your design!

  1. Learn the basics of art

Art and creativity in design are a combination of science and art!

So we urge you to learn the basics of colors, shapes, patterns, and materials that will give you a base to improve on!

  1. Define the landscape of your work

When you jot down the challenges of your user, you can then look for patterns and themes that solve those problems. You can find the direction to your post when you think of the best way to solve your user’s problem!

You’ll be surprised to find the creative ideas that come when you work around a problem!

  1. The power of ideation

We mean this literally, let your imagination run wild, and may you exhaust all your ideas!

When you allow yourself to think outside the box and push beyond the obvious solution, your next big idea will come! So sketch your ideas on paper, brainstorm, and think aloud!

  1. Sketch your imagination

Apart from the designs, you make for your clients, take time out to illustrate your imaginary visions and fantasies. It not only helps you build a strong portfolio but can also serve as inspiration for your future work!

  1. Ask for feedback

Only receiving good feedback for your work can be great for your self-esteem, but it may not be the best for your work! Ask for feedback from your peers, your boss, and your friends, take their feedback, and use it to improve your work!

  1. Change the way you illustrate

Working on the same software always may give you the feeling of being stuck. So if you are someone who always uses Photoshop, try switching to illustrator, it might bring in new ideas!

  1. The history of your designs 

How often do you analyze, and study the thought behind an idea?

We know history can be a snooze fest but really, understanding the thought and the reason behind an idea will get your creative juices flowing and help you find new ways in designing!

  1. Become an explorer, Not the one like Dora though

Creative things happen around you! Creative inspiration lies in the most mundane of things, in the most boring tasks, and can be found anywhere! Think of your design as an empty canvas, the more you explore, the more ideas will be formed!

  1. Your old designs deserve a rework!

Have you ever looked at an old design you made and had a huge cringe? Well, that’s because you have evolved!

Now’s the time to rework your old concepts, make them better and add a new twist to an old story. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

  1. Join an accredited school of design

Join a recognized school of design where you can get your certificate and learn the process of creative thinking.

While creativity comes from anywhere, not everyone has the eye to see it! Get trained by industry professionals and also find work opportunities through the school!

Final thoughts?

Creativity is a process, so don’t rush into anything. Seek inspiration from everywhere, work on your designs, and most importantly, have fun!

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