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Miami Ad School Grad Markus Wentlandt’s Mold-Breaking Video for the World Wildlife Federation Shows the Power of a Great Idea in Service of the Greater Good

Markus Wentlandt is a graduate of the art direction program at Miami Ad School Hamburg. Since he graduated nine years ago, Markus has worked on a huge variety of projects: advertising and social media campaigns, and TV shows. As well as the beautiful, thought-provoking video for the World Wildlife Federation featured here. He also teaches regularly at Miami Ad School Berlin and guest-speaks at Miami Ad School locations around the world.

Q: How did you come to do this beautiful video for World Wildlife Federation?

Markus: Before I left [my first agency job at] KNSK to go freelance in Berlin, I sold three ideas in a pitch to the World Wildlife Federation: one social media idea, one guerrilla concept and one social game idea. We won several awards for the social media campaign and the guerrilla idea was so successful that we toured through Germany, Austria and Russia. The client knew my work and, years later, they contacted me to be part of their new pitch.

Q: How did you develop the idea?

Markus: The brief was didn’t give us a lot to go on. The challenge was to make something out of it. They wanted to expand the brand by telling people to reduce their ecological footprint. We were searching for something emotional.

When you think of WWF, you think about preserving nature and saving animals. But they had never talked about humans. For this concept we had to start by digging deeper. My first thoughts were… who is the closest to nature? The natives… Aborigines, Native Americans…

I started to research. Part of their philosophy is that they are a part of nature. I found that interesting. Our society has lost that understanding. The idea was born to tell people that it’s in their self-interest to take care of nature. That’s how the line was born: I am Nature.

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