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The power to make cool content is now in your pocket. Bringing your imagination to life is easier than ever.

This week marks the Independence Day holiday in the US. This celebratory video was created using Frameographer on an iPhone 8 and edited using Adobe Premier Pro CC on a MacBook Pro.

We live in a golden age of creativity.

The human urge to create has been with us since time immemorial. But, the difference today is creatives like you now have the best tool for expression that has ever been made, right in the palm of your hand.

The smartphone has changed so much about our daily lives. We now carry the entire collected knowledge of the human race with us wherever we go. We can watch movies on park benches and write novels on the bus. Users connect with each other through engaging with content. Instagram photos, videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, live broadcasts on Periscope and (once again) Facebook, SnapChat posts and stories. We watch them and, more importantly, we post them. We are all consumers and creators of content.

As a creative, content creation is a core skill you must develop and perfect.

Production methods have evolved and what used to take months can now be done in days or even hours. Tools like Adobe Premier, GoPro cameras, remote-controlled camera drones and iPhone apps too numerous to count make it possible for creatives (art directorscopywritersgraphic designers and photographers) to easily publish their own work.

This is why we have content creation studios at all Miami Ad School locations. Our students produce content from day one. They are constantly pushed to refine their storytelling capabilities and to learn how to craft their work for the ever-evolving network of platforms. Companies like R/GA, BBH and Droga5—where our students can participate in Miami Ad School Agency Labs—are just a few of the firms that have established dedicated content-creation facilities. These give their creative teams the tools to produce and publish projects in-house.

The timeless art of storytelling has always been challenging. Reaching an audience with your story, however, is easier than ever.

Master today’s creative world. Begin your journey today, learn how to apply. 

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