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Starting Salaries Are Going Up For Miami Ad School Grads

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Data for the last Department of Education reporting period shows starting salaries reflecting the growing industry demand for Miami Ad School graduates.

Starting salaries for creative careers are booming. In survey of recent Miami Ad School graduates—who receive job leads for life from Miami Ad School’s placement program—our grads reported exciting salary numbers that are clear evidence of the strong demand for our brand of creative thinkers in today’s job market.

Starting Salaries for Art Direction Graduates

Starting Salaries for Copywriting Graduates

Starting Salaries for Account Planning Graduates

Starting Salaries for Social Media Graduates

Starting Salaries for Master's Degree Graduates

These numbers are just one more indicator of today’s ongoing demand for creative talent. Get the skills and the real-world experience you’ll need to be the creative star recruiters can’t wait to hire. Build your network of agency contacts while still in school and land your dream job after graduation. It’s all here at Miami Ad School.

Tara Lawall, Creative Director at Droga5

Download all five infographics (complete with graduate testimonials) here.

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