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Photo Student Sandra Arenas Featured in CMYK 53

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There are people who think that there are no mistakes in life, everything is a learning experience, everything happens for a reason. Well, in Sandra Arenas’ case, this could not be closer to the truth. When CMYK put out their call for entries for the Top 100 New Creatives, Sandra sent in close to 50 pieces. But, she accidentally sent them in for the professional competition not the student one. After frantically trying to contact CMYK to correct her mistake and feeling a little disheartened that she was not going to get a chance to be in the running, she got a call. Sandra’s work caught the eye of the judges and she ended up with a feature story in CMYK 53.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Sandra moved to Miami in 2001. She studied visual arts and fell in love with photography because she likes to tell stories through her pictures. A friend of hers told her about the Miami Ad School Digital Photography and Video program and the quarter away options so she decided to change schools. Since her switch she has gone through her first year of training, interned in Oslo where she landed on CNN.com for her documentation of the heartbreak of a community after the Utoya terrorist attacks and was also featured on elitedaily.com.

Recently she had the opportunity to intern with Annie Leibovitz and at the Milk Studio in New York. When asked what she is most excited about she says “I am excited every day I go to work… I feel I am living and breathing photography, which is exactly where I want to be.” Now, she is wrapping up her last quarter at Miami Ad School and getting ready for her final exhibition, a requirement of all photo students to graduate from the program. She hopes to open her own studio in New York and travel as much as she can- we can guarantee that this is not the last you hear of her.

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