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Just Kick, Laugh and Hold On

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Human Foosball – Everyone Can Play this Game from Real Madrid to Hapless Grandmothers on Walkers


The newest addition to the crazy Miami Ad School Wynwood campus is lots of fun for everyone from seasoned soccer players from Real Madrid pros to hapless grandmothers on walkers. You don’t need talent or knowledge of the game. Just kick, laugh and hold on.

Just like table foosball at your local tavern, every player can move to their left and right by keeping both hands on the sliding plastic pipe in front of them. Kick the ball when it comes to you. Since the rope, that runs through the pipe, gives you a little leeway you just might be able to kick the player’s butt in front of you. You play on soft sand under the palm trees and there are goals galore. Play when sober or tipsy. Doesn’t matter. The foosball field is bordered by an amazing series of stencil art panels created by a group of Colombian stencil artists.

See more of their amazing work:

DlLu / Juegasiempre
Toxicomano Callejero

The field is also surrounded by the beautiful murals of Ukrainian artist, Kislow, Russian artist, Aber, and Austrian artist, Nachos. Miami Ad School is inviting all creative types to come and play with us. No yellow cards, no red cards. Everybody is Messi upon this pitch!!!

Environment has a huge impact on people’s ability to innovate. The creative and inventive spaces at Miami Ad School are similar to what you’ll find at advertising agencies, design firms and innovative companies like Google and Facebook (but very different from the environment in a bank, law firm or insurance company).

If you’d like to have a career where you are paid to be creative find out HOW TO APPLY. Next quarter starts April 4th.


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