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He Made Mattel, 20th Century Fox and Saatchi More Creative. Now It Is Your Turn.

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One-minute lessons with riCardo Crespo, Chief Creative Officer at th13teen

riCardo (That is not a typo. He spells his name that way.) has had the coolest jobs. He started his career in advertising at Chiat/Day, Saatchi & Saatchi and McCann-Erickson. Then he switched to the client side and became the Global Creative Director at Mattel (toys) and then 20 th Century Fox (entertainment). Now he is the Chief Creative Officer with th13teen (design-led brand advisory).

Recently he was a guest teacher at Miami Ad School. Each of the 14  Miami Ad School locations around the world has amazing working professionals come each week to work with the students. It is our Industry Heroes series. riCardo spent four days working with the students on their projects. Here are some of riCardo’s words of wisdom broken down into one minute lessons. It’s almost like you’re here!

One Minute Lessons

1. Branding is the promise – Marketing is the strategy – Advertising is the execution.

2. Surround yourself with people who up your game because at the end of the day
we become the people we surround ourselves with.

3. Companies look at the potential of what you will deliver everyday.
Your portfolio is a confirmation of your ability.

4. Sketch your ideas first then execute the best one.
People create. Computers only execute.

5. Learn to differentiate between (meaningless) thinsights and true insights.

6. Moving to the client side gave me an amazing perspective on how to approach creative.
You have to be able to articulate your ideas and give great direction.

7. Accumulating knowledge without application is a false sense of intellect.

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