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Are You as Funny as Droga5, Ogilvy and TBWA?

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Two of our students are.

Everyone in the industry has heard of the Cannes Lions award festival but have you heard of Dannes Lions award festival? The Dannes festival, which recognizes great comedic value in advertising, was started by a man named Dan and is held in Dannes, a small village in the North of France. (I guess that means that the Dannes festival is also Dan’s festival.) Who is Daniel Sheppard the creator? If you’ve been to an award show then you’ve most likely seen his work for Hershey’s, LG, Milk…the list is too long. You get the picture. He’s the guy you want to be.

Recently the top 100 agencies with the funniest campaigns were recognized with the prestigious Dannes Lion award. Squished in-between Droga5, Ogilvy, TBWA, DDB, Havas and more, are Miami Ad School art directors, Frank Garcia and Giulia Magaldi. They show us what funny really means with their Boston Pizza campaign, “Everything’s Possible”.

“Giulia and I are glad to see that there is an award show that celebrates the reason we chose to work in advertising. We like saying weird things that could potentially make someone laugh (without having to pay them). We’re even more excited to see that our campaign was weird enough to win a gold “Dannes Lion”. Thank you Miami Ad School and Daniel Sheppard for making this possible. We also want to thank Trader Joe’s for no reason whatsoever.” -Frank Garcia

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